Hello everyone!
I have a little something to tell you. I will be selling some items on my wonderlandsweet blog. I will hopefully start making the items soon. So if you’re curious I can give you some hints. I will be selling t-shirts, accessories, and maybe cosmetics. That’s all I can say for now. If you are still curious, then I will be posting random pics on my fashion tumblr


I will follow everyone one of you guys.

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Rainie and Ariel Smooch at 2012 Next Magazine Entertainment Awards
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41-44/50 photos of soyeon

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84/1000 hyuna graphics

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♥ 33/100 Hyuna pictures
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Person At School:

Is that your boyfriend


Why Yes, Yes it is!

I love Jeon Boram.

I love Lee Jihyun.

I love Park Soyeon.

I love Ham Eunjung.

I love Park Sunyoung.

I love Ryu Hwayoung.

I love Park Jiyeon.

I love Lee Areum.

I love Kim Dani.

I love T-ara.

So fuck you.

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The girls are all looking sexy and we love it! 

 What do you think about the new teaser pics ?


Ga In
Opaque  by  andbamnan